Ik heb een droom

Two is enough

Two is enough
The African woman holds her baby at the breast.
The heart-rending howling from the baby is
going to the bone.
The emaciated mother does not breastfeed. 
And she looks with empty eyes to how her baby
died in her arms.

Millions of people risk dying in Africa. 
You can not give them wrong they flee in
search of a living elsewhere in the world. 
In a desperate attempt to stay alive in
a continent plagued by 
overpopulation, poverty and hunger.

Africa needs our help. More than ever. 
African women need our help. 
Now more than ever. Because no mother
wants to see her baby dying in her arms. 

I have a dream… 

And that's a decent life for every child. 
African women need our support.
They should be simple and, if possible, free to get 
They are entitled to basic amenities: food,water,
a roof over their head and an income. 
So that they can send their children to grow up to healthy,
strong adults. Who can make of Africa the continent, 
which Nelson Mandela once said that it could
be the richest continent in the world. 

I believe it 

But I also believe that Africa can not achieve this
without the help of the world around her.
Help site. 
So they do not escape and not Europe -as Africa- 
becomes overcrowded. 
Europe is currently overloaded. 
They want to help, but the refugees can no longer cope. 
My question is for the world to change its course. 

To break the taboo on overcrowding. 
To put birth control on the political agenda.
Not by coercion. 
But through awareness campaigns. The realization,
that if we want prosperity for all, then we collectively
have the moral responsibility to stop population growth. 

To voluntarily make the choice, not to take more than two 
children per family. 
This enables us to halt population growth and to work
on stability and security in the world.

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